In The Spirit Of Giving


By Brian Chisholm
Delegate, District 31

I want to take time this holiday season to thank everyone who has helped me along this long journey to becoming your state delegate. The support, kindness, time and resources you selflessly shared with me will never be lost on me or my family. I will always be available to all of you whether you choose to fill in the ballot for me or for some other worthy candidate. I am not sure whether I can ever repay you for giving me the honor of serving you, but here is one gift I will always defend and share with you: freedom.

I believe everyone has a purpose and can accomplish incredible things and experience all the wonders of life because we were all born free. In this great country of ours, that fundamental right allows us to passionately pursue anything we imagine. Here are some of the true gifts of freedom that I share with you.

  • The freedom to solve some of life’s greatest challenges
  • The freedom to fail almost endlessly until we finally learn how to make something work or successfully learn several thousand ways something just won’t work
  • The freedom to feed the hungry
  • The freedom to lend a helping hand
  • The freedom to inspire and motivate anyone within our influence
  • The freedom to change the life of a child, sibling, parent, friend, foe or complete stranger with a smile, kind word or action that changes the course of their destiny positively forever
  • The freedom to believe we can make tomorrow better than today simply by working hard every day to improve our own lives and those all around us
  • The freedom to laugh with each other, but just as importantly, at ourselves
  • The freedom to believe in others even more than they will ever believe in themselves
  • The freedom to put down the newspaper, turn off the news and the internet, and separate from all the crap that gets pushed out at us every day in an effort to discourage, divide or play upon our fears
  • The freedom to enjoy life to the fullest and realize you are in charge of your own destiny and no one else is

God bless you all and I wish you all a merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, great winter holiday and happy new year.

Brian Chisholm


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