Park And Water Access: Tiny Mil-Bur Community Has It All


By Judy Tacyn

Tucked away at the end of Mountain Road — between Chesapeake High School and Downs Park — is a small, quiet neighborhood called Mil-Bur. With both water and park access, and within walking distance to three of the best public schools in the county, it’s no surprise that when one of the 75 homes go on the market, they sell quickly.

Children attend Bodkin Elementary, which they can walk to on sidewalk-lined streets secured by a crossing guard. Older kids attend Chesapeake Bay Middle and Chesapeake High School.

The community enjoys summer parties at the community’s private pool. Nearly monthly activities include adult game night; kids movie night; Mil-Bur bar crawl; a kids Easter egg hunt at the park; Memorial Day party; kids “school’s out for summer” party; Fourth of July potluck party; Labor Day party; neighborhood patio crawl; potluck Oktoberfest party; Halloween party; December caroling; and a holiday decoration contest and party. At the events, residents of all ages, from infants to seniors, join in the fun. Additionally, there is a community park, a marina overlooking Cornfield Creek, and a boat pier and ramp.

Glenn Clayville
Resident for 23 Years

Glenn Clayville has lived throughout Lake Shore neighborhoods for 51 years. He grew up in Sylvan View, purchased his first house in Long Point, and moved to Mil-Bur in 1996.

“Living almost my entire life in Pasadena, I could not ask for a better place to grow up and raise a family,” Clayville said. “Like me, my kids go to the same schools, play for Lake Shore sports, ride bikes around Downs Park and through the neighborhoods. During the summer, children hang out in neighborhood until dark without any fear. Everyone looks out for everyone else’s kids, which is no different than growing up in ‘70s in Sylvan View. You can’t go anywhere without running into someone you know.”

Clayville has been on the homeowners board for approximately 15 years, serving on the grounds and architectural committee.

Cindy Ruskey
Resident for 24 Years

Cindy Ruskey and her husband, David, moved to Pasadena in 1985 and into the Mil-Bur community in 1995.

“We actually chose the house and property not knowing what a gem we had stumbled upon,” Cindy said. “It was such a nice, quiet and well-kept neighborhood.”

Cindy said that the majority of community events revolve around the park, pool and holidays, with a purposeful intention of connecting socially.

She and her family have appreciated the neighborhood’s close proximity to educational facilities, a library, Downs Park and water access. Two of her three children attended Bodkin Elementary, and all three attended Chesapeake Bay Middle and Chesapeake High schools.

“I’d definitely recommend Mil-Bur,” Cindy added. “It’s far away yet close to quite a few nice and convenient things. Most neighbors seem to take pride in their homes and keeping Mil-Bur looking good.”

Denise Pirone
Resident for 28 Years

Denise Pirone moved into Mil-Bur because she had friends in the community and heard that new homes were going to be built and annexed to the community. She loved the size and amenities that Mil-Bur homes offered, and she knew that it would be a great place to raise children. Because her family members are avid boaters, the marina privileges were appealing.

“We are blessed with great neighbors that we know we can depend on. We all look out for one another,” Pirone said. “Our neighbors help one another by running errands, taking meals to someone in need and taking someone to appointments when needed.”

The Pirones participate in many community activities, and enjoy helping on cleanup days to get the pool and park ready for the season. Her husband has served on the homeowners association board in many capacities.

Megan Tuozzo
Resident for Nearly Three Years

Megan Tuozzo met her husband in college at Virginia Tech. After graduation, they moved to Pasadena together in 2004.

In 2015, the couple started looking for homes in the Chesapeake school system. “We looked for over a year and ended up driving through the Mil-Bur community when a house popped up for sale. I immediately fell in love with it because it had trees and the houses are all different,” Tuozzo said. After touring the home, the Tuozzos went to their son’s soccer game. “While speaking with some other parents there, we found out that the house we had just looked at was their best friend’s house. We asked them to put in a good word for us. An offer was put in and accepted within the next two days.”

Tuozzo called her neighbors incredible. “We have so much fun together and we enjoy being around each other so much,” she said. “Nobody wants to leave Mil-Bur. We have had people here for a long time. That should say something.”

Tuozzo serves as the community social director. “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” she said. “I am part of the book club, and there are very few weekends that you won’t find me at the pool in the summer. I walk almost every day and I am one of those people that allow extra time because I will talk to everyone I see.”


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