Question Of The Month: Lake Shore Elementary School


Each month, the Pasadena Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students from Ms. Wilder’s class at Lake Shore Elementary School answered the question:

If you had an unlimited budget, what gift would you buy and for whom?

I would buy a huge hotel for the homeless people in Maryland. In the hotel, there would be a Starbucks and Chipotle. Homeless people need a place to stay and be warm. With the rest of the money, I would buy a mansion for me and my friends so we could always have sleepovers.

Ada P.

If I had all the money in the world, I would buy a bike for my grandma because she likes to walk a lot and using a bike is much easier than walking.

Alaniz D.

I would get clothes for the homeless because they have almost nothing.

Amya M.

I would buy charms for my mom's charm bracelet because she does a lot for me and my sister.

Ana M.

I would buy my family a pool table because they have always wanted one, and also, I think it would be good to have a pool table to go along with our air hockey table.

Anna K.

I would get my baby sister something that she will always sleep in. This is because my mom is always scared my baby sister will fall off. My mom is also uncomfortable because she can only sleep on the couch downstairs. I don't like sleeping on the couch, so I know my mom doesn't like sleeping on the couch.

Aubrey L.

I would buy food for the poor and raise more money for hospitals so they can get more supplies. Hospitals need more help with their money, so I will give them money so they won’t lose patients in the rooms. So I give them money so they can save lives.

Cole S.

I would give every homeless person a house and food because a lot of homeless need help at this time of the year.

Darley B.

I would buy food and the toiletries for the people who need it and the homeless.

Dalilah B.

I would buy winning lottery tickets for everyone so that they can win lots of money.

Dylan G.

If I could, I would give my friend Aaryan a headset and an Xbox One so that he could play and talk with him.

Ethan H.

I would buy my parents their dream house in the mountains because when we’re home, my mom and dad always talk about how they want a home in the mountains.

Gabby W.

I would give my parents $100 billion because my parents can buy lots of things and they would not have to worry about money.

George W.

I think I would buy a 1,000-piece Lego set for the Johns Hopkins kid area so the kids in the hospital could work together to build it for teamwork.

Grace B.

I would buy a mansion for my daddy, my mommy and my family. I would also buy a trip to South Korea so I could see my tummy mommy. I would also buy my parents, my sister and my brother anything they wanted for Christmas.

Ian G.

I would buy a Nintendo Switch for my brother because he really wants it and he didn’t get it last year for Christmas and I feel bad.

Jacob H.

I would buy a dog for my mom because she loves animals, and since my grandfather likes lottery tickets, I will buy a lot of tickets for him.

Jordan N.

I would buy food, water and clothes for homeless people because if you already have a lot of stuff, then why should homeless people not have anything?

Kathryn O.

I would give my family the unlimited amount of money for anything they want.

Levi P.

I would buy chalkboard wallpaper for me and my sister because we can write what we want and we can write what we are doing for the week.

Makenzie K.

I would buy a recreational vehicle so my family and I could go camping. We could go camping in the woods and visit New York.

Michael H.

I would buy an empty plot and make it into a restaurant. I would do this because it has always been my friend Makenzie’s dream for a restaurant. So I would give it to Makenzie.

Miranda B.

I would buy toys for children who don't have the money for toys. I wouldn't buy anything for myself because I know other children would want toys and stuff more than I, and it would make me happy to see other children happy.

Olivia S.

I would buy food, toys and drinks for homeless people because they don't get a lot of things. Homeless people could get hurt from not eating and not staying healthy. I would also get them a blanket because Christmas is coming and the blankets would keep them warmer.

Reese C.

I would buy every video game I want for me because I will have eternal happiness.

Robbie G.

If I had an unlimited budget, I would buy my family a massaging recliner chair for all of us to share. I would buy this so we all can relax and get a massage without having to go to the nail salon massage chairs.

Samantha C.

I would buy things for people who need it. Also, I would buy a lot of stuff for my mom because she does a lot of stuff for me and I want to give back to her.

Shyane D.


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