Question Of The Month: St. Jane Frances School


Each month, the Pasadena Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students from Mrs. Hammond’s class at St. Jane Frances School answered the question:

If you could take any modern-day food to the first Thanksgiving, what would it be?

I want to take turkey because there wasn’t even turkey at the first Thanksgiving, so I want to give them some turkey to see how it tastes.
Dominic Alexander

I would take a roasted ham. It would make my day and maybe theirs. It is amazing that the grease makes the ham all juicy and good.
Chasity Annis

I would bring a roasted ham with pineapple rings and cherries in the middle. I would bring that because they didn’t have pineapples and cherries back then. I think the ham would have a savory flavor, but the cherries and pineapple rings would have a sweet flavor.
Celia Crimmins

I would take turkey because it is traditional to bring to Thanksgiving. It would taste very good to everyone.
Cooper Devine

I would take mushroom ravioli because I don’t understand how to make mushrooms inside of a pasta shell and that shell inside of a sauce.
Matthew Farkas

If I could take one thing to the first Thanksgiving, I would take honey ham. I would have honey ham because I really love it and I eat so much of it on Thanksgiving. I just think it is really good.
Aubrey Friese

I would bring stuffed turkey because all that they had was deer. It sounds like deer would be plain, and stuffed turkey has stuffing in it.
Taylor Gaines

I would bring green bean casserole because it is so good. I have to have it for Thanksgiving because it does take time to make but it turns out great when cooked.
Andrew Jun

I would bring candied ham because they could cook a pig and cover it with glaze.
Nick Kemmerer

I would take some seafood to the first Thanksgiving. I love every kind of seafood you can eat. Blue crabs, snow crabs, every kind of crab. I like shrimp, clams, oysters, scallops, crawfish and all the fish, like tuna, salmon and dolphin. Most Thanksgivings don’t have seafood.
Lexi Laumann

I would bring my Mumum’s stuffing because it is so salty and it has turkey in it, which I love so much. It is so delicious and tasty. I wish I could eat it all year.
Clare Protani

I would bring stuffing because it is so soft. It is also warm. It even has spinach in it. The stuffing also consists of bread crumb cubes, potatoes, and a little bit of turkey. It is my favorite food.
Carter Schreiber


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