Letter To The Editor: Havenwood Park


Good morning,

As you know, the Pasadena Baseball Club and the Green Haven Improvement Association have been advocating for repairs and improvements to our community park, Havenwood.

In September 2019, the electric to fields was shut off because we (PBC) found stray voltage on tee ball field (HP3) fencing. The Department of Recreation and Parks then "fixed" it by completely cutting the electric lines; repairs were never made. In October 2019, Recreation and Parks reported to elected officials that the electric was repaired and turned back on to all fields. This was a lie. We are now left with the inability to utilize any equipment such as pitching machines, both on field and in our batting cages. It also prohibits us from hosting larger events for both the club and community at large.

Beginning in the 2022-2023 school year, middle school students will have less time on fields without adequate field lighting. This will drastically reduce the quality of both practices and games for our children. Lighting on the fields known as HP2 and NMS2 will allow the kids to play longer and benefit from both the physical and mental health aspects of youth sports. Low lighting is already an issue in that, in the spring and fall, it causes games to not be played in full. The school time change will only exasperate the issue.

The only high school cluster within Anne Arundel County that has no in district access to lit youth baseball fields is the Northeast cluster. PBC does have access to Poplar Ridge Field 2, which is in the Chesapeake district. However, we cannot leave grooming equipment in the field house because other organizations also have access, and it is not regularly monitored. This leaves PR2 to be relegated to a practice field. When lights are needed for replacement on other fields throughout the county, Recreation and Parks has removed bulbs from field PR2. Where is the equity in this?

We have advocated at county budget hearings. We have spoken to our elected officials. We have begged Recreation and Parks. We have joined together, as a community, to better the lives of our children. Our councilman, Nathan Volke, has also discussed this with Recreation and Parks. He has been met with the same replies. We appreciate his work and know he will continue to advocate for a resolution for our community.

Attached you will find a petition asking for Anne Arundel County to find a solution for our park - now. Our kids don't have years to wait. The Green Haven Improvement Association, Pasadena Baseball Club (the tenants of the park), and the greater Pasadena community are asking that you provide electric repairs to the fields of Havenwood Park and field lights on fields known as HP2 and NMS2.

Jamie Hurman-Cougnet
Secretary, Pasadena Baseball Club

Valerie Fox
President, Green Haven Improvement Association 

Paul Hilton
President, Pasadena Baseball Club


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