Master Your Emotions and Conquer Chronic Pain!



Is pain limiting your life? What is it holding you back from doing? Is it a constant presence that now seems normal for you? What have you done to try to alleviate it? Have the results been disappointing?

If you have been experiencing depression, trouble concentrating, lower energy levels or losing sleep because of your pain, there is a long-lasting solution that is literally at your fingertips.

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, August 9th at 7 p.m. EDT to learn why many conventional methods don’t work and experience an alternative therapy that does.

Read on to learn more and register to receive the help that the Master Your Emotions workshop can provide.

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Are you struggling with chronic pain, stress, managing a chronic health condition, or struggling with weight loss?

Are you fed up with scheduling your life around taking pills, seeing doctors, adapting to yet another lifestyle change and you don’t see an end to it?

Wouldn’t you love to find a solution that really works without diets, doctors, drugs or long-term therapies? You can with a different approach.

Master Your Emotions will help Stop your Struggle!

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Why emotions? Because thoughts and the related emotions have tremendous power and they can directly impact your body and your health! Think mind/body connection.

Do you feel trapped in negative thought patterns like anger, fear, sadness, grief and shame because of things that happened to you? What has been unfair in your life? When did you not get your way? Do you still feel angry about it? Were you bullied or had an accident or other situation where you were afraid of getting hurt or maybe even dying? Have you lost a loved one and you are feeling sad and grieving? Do you regret something that you said or did and now you feel ashamed? Then you are living with these memories and their emotional impact on you every day of your life. These situations might have created beliefs like “I’m not good enough” or “Nothing ever works out for me” that can affect many of the actions and thoughts that you have.

When you think of the times when you felt angry, afraid, sad or ashamed, do you feel it in your body? How intense is that memory when you recall it? If it is at least a 5 on a 0-10 scale, then it has an emotional charge that is affecting your health, weight and your life.

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Master your Emotions, and take back control of your life, your health, reduce pain, stress and lose weight for good!

In this free, Master Your Emotions workshop I will introduce you to EFT, a powerful, alternative therapy that gets incredible results and helps you grow into a new awakening of the mind/body connection. You will be propelled into a greater sense of personal wholeness, and begin to break free of all the negative, self-destructive thoughts and emotions that sabotage your health.

EFT will help you get unstuck and put you on the launch pad of a better, healthier, pain-free life.

Scientific support:
Clinical studies are showing that when long-held negative thoughts and emotions are shifted and neutralized then healing can begin.

A study of Iraq war veterans with PTSD showed that between 6-10 one-hour sessions of EFT, also known as Tapping, their symptoms were reduced to the point that they not longer met the clinical criteria for PTSD.

If EFT can do that for them, think of what it can do for your PTSD, weight problem, chronic illness or pain?

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Meet your coach:
Christine Hunt is a Life Wellness Coach, Certified EFT Practitioner, speaker and founder of Hunt for Hope Wellness. She discovered the healing power of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), also known as Tapping, and transformed her own life from one burdened with low self-esteem, financial lack and chronic illness to a life of joy, success, personal satisfaction and wellness.

Her methods are so effective, that her clients reach new heights in creativity and productivity along with deeper peace and relaxation in their personal and professional lives. They call her The Miracle Worker.

Christine helps relieve the silent struggle with stress, weight and chronic illness, by helping her clients overcome the actual, root causes of their emotional and physical distress, so they can experience the satisfaction of looking and feeling great, focusing their time and energy on activities they enjoy and live in a life and body they love.

In wellness,

Christine Hunt
Life Wellness Coach
Hunt for Hope Wellness

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