The Bank Of Glen Burnie Is Committed To Community Involvement, Customer Service


The Bank of Glen Burnie may not be the area’s largest bank, but its reputation for outstanding customer service and community involvement makes the bank a local favorite.

Founded in 1949, the Bank of Glen Burnie provides individualized banking for all its clients. The bank now has eight locations in Anne Arundel County, including one in Severna Park.

“I believe our commitment to provide outstanding customer service sets us apart. We answer the telephone when somebody calls versus calling an 800 number,” said Assistant Vice President Dana Eckert. “Everyone seems to enjoy that feature.”

The staff is trained to reach out to customers personally, rather than through a computer system.

“For example, if a customer shows up on our overdraft report, we call them to give them a chance to make a deposit before that check returns,” explained Eckert. “We may have customers that have written a check, but the signature doesn't look right. We would reach out to that customer. A lot of times we have caught things that could have been a fraudulent situation by doing our due diligence.”

Most larger-scale banks operate outside of the community, but the Bank of Glen Burnie manages everything within Anne Arundel County. This allows the staff to make decisions quickly.

“When we have to have decisions made on lending or any other thing that may come up, we are able to have that resolved without having to go out to another state,” said Eckert. “Local decision-making is huge.”

The Bank of Glen Burnie offers all standard banking deposit services such as checking and saving accounts, as well as mobile and online banking. Lending programs are also available for individuals and businesses. Though the pandemic forced the bank to close all lobbies, it continues to offer all its regular services.

“It's different, but we have not seen an interruption in any services that we provide or any type of customer service issues,” said Eckert. “We have done everything that we could in order to continue business as normal.”

Eckert, who has been with the Bank of Glen Burnie for three years, has prior experience in larger-scale banking and community banking. She said that she has always preferred smaller organizations, but the Bank of Glen Burnie’s commitment to the community makes it special.

“Honestly, the thing that I love is that I get to meet the people of the community and show that I am working to grow their business or help them with their normal banking needs,” said Eckert.

The Bank of Glen Burnie is located at 534 Ritchie Highway. For more information, visit or call 410-544-0270.


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