Question Of The Month: Riviera Beach Elementary School


Each month, the Pasadena Voice poses a question to a local fifth-grade class. This month, students from Mr. Bellarin’s class at Riviera Beach Elementary School answered the question:

If you could make up a new holiday, what would it be?

I would create Game Day because I love to play games. People could play video games and other types of games all day.
Bryce R.

Wildlife Day, because every person should go outside and play or be active for 60 minutes. Also, it is healthy and good for the body. The holiday will be on April 20.
Camden S.

If I could make a holiday, it would be School Appreciation Day. I think teachers don’t get enough appreciation for what they do. They spend roughly six to seven hours every day for five days teaching kids instead of spending time with their families.
Cameron H.

I would make a Lego holiday called the World of Lego. On that day, you build anything and give it to anyone you want. If you do, you get a free Lego set.
Chase F.

National Meme Day to celebrate how memes power the world. I would pick this holiday because everyone loves memes.
Chase L.

Creative Day is a day when you are able to express yourself through art and creativity. Because people don’t really celebrate art.
Claire T.

I would make a holiday where everybody would go on an obstacle course and have fun. I would call it Obstacle Course Day, and we would be off school. All the people would have fun.|
David R.

The holiday I would make is Helping Homeless Day. Everyone would come together to give to the poor and homeless, so there would be no more poor or homeless.
Dominic S.

If there is any holiday I would want to have, it would be Franklin D. Roosevelt Day. He led America to victory in World War II while handicapped, which is very impressive.
James S.

I would make Parent Appreciation Day because some kids take their parents for granted or are not grateful for them. On this holiday, everybody will be very nice to their parents.
Jeffrey B.

I think a new holiday should be National Friends Day because it would be a day to respect your friends and love them.
Jessalyn E.

Children’s Day. We have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and we also have Grandparent’s Day. In Brazil, there is Children’s Day, but not here, so why can’t we have a special day for children?
Jessica H.

My idea for a national holiday is Retirement Day. On Retirement Day, you could or would visit a retirement home and help the people that live there. I also think that it would make them happy because people come to visit them there.
Kyleigh H.

If I could make a holiday, it would be Adopt A Pet Day. Having a pet would make the people and pets happy.
Lucy M.

If I could make a new holiday, it would be Parents Day because I want to celebrate both parents in the same day. Instead of a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, there can be a day where we can spread the love between both parents on the same day.
Mahliya M.

I would make up Dog-O-Ween, where you take your dogs, dress them up, and take them out to every house and the people will give them treats so they can have a good time.
Marissa K.

If I could make a holiday, it would be where everybody celebrates all the state troopers and police and what they did for our country by saving people from shootings and helping little kids and adults.
Sam T.

I would make Best Friends Day. Most people really don’t know the value of a best friend. After a while, a best friend starts to become like a sister or brother. That’s how much they mean to you.
Sariah W.

If I could make a holiday, I would make a Be Kind holiday because I feel like people need to be a little nicer to each other and you can give gifts to a random person to make their day.
Sydney S.

I would make a day to save trees. The day would be Save A Tree Day. I think that should be a day because trees help us live and we continue to cut them down.
Vincent W.


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